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2014 NSW Human Rights Award

Nominations for the 2014 NSW Human Rights Award has closed.

Message from the NSW Premier Mike Baird

Premier Mike Baird

The NSW Human Rights Award formally acknowledges the work of an exceptional individual who has demonstrated a commitment to championing the rights of ordinary Australians.

The Award was established in memory of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who single-handedly saved thousands of lives during the Holocaust. Actions such as these stir the human spirit and we should recognise similar memorable acts that set an inspiring example for mankind.

Last year’s inaugural winner was Mr Andrew Penfold, who was recognised for his commitment to making education accessible to Aboriginal children. As Human Rights Ambassador, Mr Penfold has promoted the value of human rights across the community and I commend him for his ongoing dedication to this cause.

In 2014, we strive to raise public awareness of human rights and their importance. Many among us take for granted that we live in a society where there is a commitment to preserving freedom, fairness and the dignity of human life. This Award continues to recognise those who have worked hard to improve the circumstances of others who may have not been so fortunate.

I encourage your participation in this year’s NSW Human Rights Award by nominating one of these exceptional Australians and I look forward to acknowledging their endeavours.